Beauty Pie: Is It Worth It!?

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I’ve now made two Beauty Pie orders and I feel like a little blog review should happen! If you haven’t heard of Beauty Pie, where have you been!? I did a video explaining how it works here as it’s a little confusing at first. Beauty Pie definitely don’t scrimp on packaging… everything arrived really nicely boxed and wrapped up in tissue paper. Sadly I didn’t take any photos as I was too keen to film my unboxing! Anyways, shall we get into what I brought??

One Palette Wonder Typical Price £35 / Members Price £7.76

First up, the One Palette Wonder! I was super impressed with this palette, you get 3 eyeshadows, one highlighter, one bronzer and two blushes. It’s perfect to pop in your handbag or pack if you’re going away. The bronzer is probably a bit too dark for me however all the rest of the palette is perfect (but I do wear the bronzer sometimes!).

Future Lipstick Satin in Dangerouge Typical Price £20 / Members Price £4.58

You know how much I love a red lip — I don’t think you can beat it when you’re a brunette! I love how this moisturizes and gives a really nice smooth look, plus the colour is a great shade of red, not too bright but not dull, just right! It’s also super long lasting… don’t get me wrong I do top it up after eating but I can drink quite a few cups of tea with it still in place!

Super Luminous Concealer in 400 Typical Price £22 / Members Price £4.12

Okay so this is the downside to Beauty Pie… it’s hard to colour match and know the shades! This concealer was completely the wrong colour for me but it will be going to new home and I’ll be better next time with my ordering! They now do samples for foundations which is perfect for when you’re ordering them ~ I hope they bring in samples of the concealer too!

WonderColour Longwear Cream Shadow Stick Typical Price £20 / Members Price £5.74

I really like the colour of this Shadow Stick, I’m actually going to order a few more as they’re super easy to apply and are really long lasting!

Eau De Parfum Samplers Set

This is such a good idea! For me I felt the perfume didn’t last that long (maybe I just got used to the smell though!) but I have to say I really like the scents. The Perfumes come in “Brazilian Lime, Fig Leaves and Tea”, “Petals, Heliotrope & Ambrette”, and “Red Apple, White Peony & Cashmere Wood”. I would order all 3 in large however I’m just not sure they’re long lasting enough for me!

Bitter Orange and Blackcurrant Candle Typical Price £40 / Members Price £13.13

I R-E-A-L-L-Y  like the smell of this! We burnt it all over Christmas it made the house smell amazing. I’ll be ordering more of the other scents as they’re great candles. They burn really well and the scent stays through them rather than just for the first burn!! Win – Win!!

Fruitizme Five Minute Facial Typical Price £60 / Members Price £8.40

This is my once-a-week facial mask treat while I’m having a relaxing bath reading a book! I love this mask, I really feel it gives me a deep clean and it’s S-U-C-H good value for money!!

So what’s next on my shopping list? More candles and skincare! I’ve heard so much about how good their skincare is so I’m looking forward to trying out more!

That’s it from me! For an extra £50 spend allowance when signing up to Beauty Pie use the code: SOPHIEKSENTME. I will see you tomorrow over on my YouTube channel with a What I Eat in a Day Video!!

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