4 Handbags for your Capsule Wardrobe

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Bags and shoes are my weakness when it comes to my capsule wardrobe, but there are only 4 bags I have used over and over again this past season! I don’t only own 4 handbags I have a ton under my bed in the storage area of s**t! I don’t currently use those but I might use them in spring so we keep hold of it! I say we, Michael doesn’t quite know what’s under the bed in our hidden storage area so let’s just keep it hidden, the less he knows the better! I learnt a long time ago that bags are worth investing in. When I was growing up the amount of cheap bags I had which just broke and wouldn’t last! Having a capsule wardrobe means I can have quality over quantity.

Gucci Soho

The Gucci Soho bag is by far the most used bag. It may look small from the outside but it’s amazing, I can fit so much in it: my vlogging camera, phone, purse, my pouch (full of crap I don’t really need but like to carry around). It’s an expensive bag but worth every penny! I now actually want it in red too as I use it so much! I find it just goes with all outfits it’s such a must in my capsule wardrobe! I think there will be many years of good use and I’m really impressed with how it’s worn. It’s still in perfect conditions considering I use it nearly every day. The only thing which is annoying is the gold hardware is starting to turn silver!

Whistles Cornelia Leather Triple Zip Bag

We all know I LOVE a bit of leopard print and Whistles do some great leopard print, mainly because it’s “hairy” leopard print if you get what I mean, rather than a flat printed cheap leopard print! This bag has 3 compartments which is handy if you’re an organised freak like me and makes things so much easier to find.

Hobbs Lula Bag

This is a new-in bag and it’s not black… impressed?! Okay so it’s navy pretty close to black but I really love the idea of a navy bag! This is a perfect ‘throw it all in bag’. I really like the hobo style as I don’t feel anyone would be able to sneakily take something out of it while on a packed tube if you get what I mean!? Also it has a handy pouch inside (I wish it was detachable that would be handy) but I love the fact that I can keep things in it be able to get to it easy and not have to rummage all the way through my bag!

Kurt Geiger Violet Horizontal Tote – Black

I waited weeks for this bag! I saw it in Kurt Geiger and I was waiting for ASOS to get it on stock however they didn’t for a whole year however, in the end, ASOS did stock it so it was in my basket immediately and in my house the very next day!! That good old premier delivery! This bag is a great dupe for the YSL Tote, but as that’s nearly £700 it definitely wasn’t something I was just going to treat myself too! This is a “throw it all in” bag perfect for travelling or if I need my laptop or/and a book. If I go to London I tend to throw a scarf on top just to make it a bit safer as there’s no zip. I also keep all my items in a big pink dust bag within my bag so everything’s in one place.

What’s your favourite bag that you really can’t live without!?

Disclaimer: The Hobbs Lulu bag is a PR gift. I use affiliate links in this post. Please see my disclaimer for more info.

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