Why I’m Not Doing a Bullet Journal for 2019

The past two years I have been doing a bullet journal, but last year I massively fell out of love with it. There are a ton of diaries on the market and I believe it’s all about finding the right one for you.

The reasons why I didn’t want to do a bullet journal again is because I found it really time consuming each week to lay out the following week. It was also a bit annoying finding the right pages within the diary. I found I had spent so much time laying out quite a few pages that I hadn’t even bothered using all year, so that was wasted time. I do think a bullet journal can work if you have time though!

So what will I be using for 2019? I’ll be using this one I found from Kikki.k! The layout is great for me, each week has enough room to put my to-do list on, and it has a monthly layout page at the beginning of each month which is perfect for content planning. I also love the note side pannel alongside each month, which is perfect for me to list ideas of new blog posts and YouTube content. Then I can fill in the boxes once I know when I’m scheduling each thing.

The Kikki.k diary comes with stickers to make life easier when you don’t want to write things, also it just makes it a bit more fun! There’s also an envelope flap at the back to keep anything safe like those important receipts etc. The pages in the Kikki.k diary which I probably won’t use are the wish list, book list, expenses and addresses. Mainly because I have an address book for my addresses and I don’t see why anyone would want to write them out each year into a new diary! All of my expenses are kept in my Quickbooks, and Wishlists are basically screenshots saved to my phone or in open tabs! The book list page I might be tempted to use to keep track of the books I have read this year!

Who knows, maybe one day I will go back to the bullet journal, but for now, I’m happy with the one I have. I’ll spend a lot less time organising my journal which means more time to tick off my to do list! I would love to know if you’re using a bullet journal or if you also think it’s way easier to stick to a pre-planned diary.

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