Capsule Wardrobe: The Leather Jacket

  • Such a staple piece in any wardrobe!

For years I have had a faux leather jacket, you know a good old Topshop one I’m pretty sure most people have owned once as they seem pretty popular. I had so much wear out of it however I didn’t totally love it. It felt really bulky and I knew I needed to replace it with a real leather jacket. If you don’t buy leather then I would recommend looking at a better quality faux one for your capsule wardrobe.

I picked my leather jacket up from AllSaints as I knew if I was buying one I was going to splurge, I did a lot of research – (hrmmm I mean going into stores and trying them all on) and I found the AllSaints one fitted me best. I also went for a size down as although it’s tight, leather naturally stretches! The jacket is so soft as it’s real leather which something I really love about it, you can feel the quality!

I really feel if you’re doing a capsule wardrobe this is a key piece and definitely worth investing it! It’s a piece which can stay in your capsule wardrobe all year round (bonus)!!  You can pretty much wear a leather jacket over anything – other than a really chunky knit, then you might struggle! I wear mine over summer dresses or denim shorts, perfect on a summer evening! Throughout autumn and winter, I wear lots of layers under it!

My bit of advice when picking a leather jacket is to give it time and go try on a few to narrow down your decision. Even go back and try on again. I feel like this is a purchase you don’t want to get wrong especially when you’re investing in real leather. Have you invested in a good leather jacket yet?

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