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I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Farncombe Estate a few times, the first time we booked a getaway and visited The Fish and I absolutely loved it! We have since been invited back for relaunches of restaurants and to review Foxhill Manor. I knew one day I wanted to stay at Dormy House, the third of their award-winning hotels on the estate. So I was super excited the other week to be invited to the relaunch of one of their restaurants, renamed The Back Garden, and the opening of a new dining experience called Mo. We of course said yes, and took up an offer of a discounted bedroom so we could stay the night. The Cotswolds is a bit far for one evening!

When we arrived to Dormy House we were offered a glass of champagne after our long journey, which we sat in the lounge and enjoyed! Stepping into Dormy House is so relaxing, it was as if everything in the outside world didn’t matter and we could just shut off and relax.

After checking out our cosy room (where we had been left freshly baked ginger biscuits!) we put on our swimwear and dressing gown and headed down to the spa to have an afternoon of relaxing and reading out books! We knew the spa was great as we had previously visited it when we stayed at Foxhill Manor, which is a nice perk you get! While we were in the spa I really fancied fries and Michael fancied cake, so we headed up in our dressing gowns to have a drink and a snack. Then it was time to head up and get ready the evening’s event!

Dormy House certainly know how to throw a party! The evening was full of canapes taken from the new menu… and my favourites were the pork belly and also the doughnuts for dessert! They were was delicious and we ate so much! We headed into Mo which is a private room off the Back Garden restaurant which offers a 7-course tasting menu experience for 12 guests at a time, such a great idea! We had delicious monkfish!

All 3 hotels have always provided outstanding food in all of their restaurants I’ve eaten in! It’s not just all about the food though, the decor of the new restaurants are dreamy, they have fabric walls instead of wallpaper and mixtures of colours, patterns, textures and dreamy marble tables!

Breakfast in the morning was served in The Back Garden restaurant and I had a full English breakfast to set me up for the day. It was seriously tasty! There were also plenty of different juices, cereals, meats and pastries to pick from. We decided to walk off breakfast and take a stroll around the estate and down the hill overlooking Broadway… the views are so pretty! It’s one of my favourites parts of the country. If you live in The Cotswolds you are seriously spoilt for views!!

That’s it ’till next time! I think we’ll be booking a trip to take Arthur to the treehouse next at The Fish! It’s always nice to think about your next visit to the Farncombe Estate because when it’s time to leave, you really don’t want to!! So we’ve got to have something to look forward too!!

I would love to know if you’ve visited The Cotswolds, and if so where you’ve stayed and if you’ve been to the Farncombe Estate before?

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