Spring Capsule Wardrobe Shopping List

Next weekend the clocks finally go forward… okay, so we lose an hour’s sleep but come on, we gain an extra hour of evening daylight and the Summer evenings are getting even closer!! It’s also time for me to pack my winter capsule wardrobe away and add in my spring pieces. This is always a good time to have a bit of a shopping list of items I could do with!

The White Jeans

So first up, I’m on the hunt for some off-white straight leg jeans! This could all go horribly wrong as I don’t tend to wear white. Mainly because I’m clumsy and messy so things don’t stay white for long around me! I sadly need to go in-store to try them as I’m so short, but here are my top picks:

Veja Trainers

I will admit now that I really struggle to have a ‘capsule wardrobe’ when it comes to shoes! I love shoes and a pair of Veja are definitely on my list for this Spring/Summer!


New Mules / Sandals

I have a few on my list to check out! I feel like some Spring/ Summer shoes really need replacing every year as they get so worn. You wear them without socks so they don’t stay as clean as boots and trainers! I feel if you’ve worn them on holiday around a pool/beach they always go a bit funny too.

Other bits

There’s few other bits and bobs which have made their way onto my list for Spring, like a pair of Ray Bans and a nice zebra print boxy shirt from ASOS, which I can wear with denim shorts when it gets hotter and jeans while it’s still cooler. I love the idea of the Mango shopper bag, but I’m not sure if I will buy it as I’m not sure I will ‘really’ get the wear out of it. But it looks like a good bag for holiday! There’s also a new white shirt for my capsule wardrobe. I have a New Look one already which gets lots of wear, and I really like this new updated version with the brown buttons. The moment I spotted it worn with the skirt I also really wanted the skirt too! Whoops!!


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