Wedding Season with Pandora

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I know what you’re thinking… it doesn’t feel like the start of wedding season yet with these grey dull rainy days! On Wednesday I headed into town in the “lovely” weather, I say lovely, it couldn’t be further from the opposite, however who cares about the rain when youre about to spend the evening with Pandora! Last year they put on a flower crown workshop, and this year…

This year I was attending the Calligraphy Workshop! I didn’t know if this was going to go terribly wrong or if I was just going to be a pro straight away, but anyways I was excited to be trying something new and to be able to drool over the gorgeous Pandora jewellery, especially as I have a wedding coming up so I was eyeing up a few pieces!

I really like the gold rings in the new collection, especially the gold and blue, there’s something about them I feel is antique without being pre-worn! There were so many pieces, I just think Pandora jewellery make the perfect gift, whether it’s a bridesmaids present or if you want to give the bride a gift to always remember. They also do the perfect pieces to finish off any outfit.

Let’s talk Calligraphy! It’s an amazing skill to have, but it’s pretty hard… I think it’s something you need to practise lots! I feel like if you get the hang of it it’s a great way to do table numbers, write invites and thank you notes etc! Definitely something to think about if you’re getting married — not only is it a fun skill to learn it can come in handy lots. It also makes a great thing to do for a hen do!

Have you ever done calligraphy? If so how did you find it? Thank you for reading guys!

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