Welcome to My Cloakroom

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Okay… I never thought I would be doing a blog post sharing photos of my cloakroom, however I’m really pleased with how it turned out, it’s almost too good to not share! Soooo here we are… welcome to my downstairs toilet!

I find cloakrooms are always pretty plain in houses I’ve been to, I guess you never spend much time in it, however when we have guests over I want them to feel comfortable, and I want it to feel homely. So instead of leaving it plain and white I decided I would paint it really dark! I went for Little Greene Scree, and you will know Little Greene paint is one of my favourites due to the quality of paint! The bathroom is based around an image I saw on Pinterest and I got huge amounts of inspo from it. Okay so it was going to be ridiculously expensive to tile half the walls, so I made a few changes to suit our budget!

I decided on the wall colour and the tiles for above the sink but I hadn’t chosen the flooring. But then I found the perfect floor tiles… only when I went to order them and I found the company had gone into administration ( I was actually inserting my card details and couldn’t understand why they weren’t taking my money… I totally missed the big banner at the top of the page explaining they shut down!)

So I was on a mad hunt to find the tiles from a stockist and searching for old stock. I was lucky and found some, but then you might say I wasn’t that lucky as two packs turned up broken, and then the two replacement packs also turned up broken! To cut a long story short we worked around what we had, and Michael started work on the flooring… luckily we just had enough good tiles to get the job done with some clever cutting and planning! We figured that when it comes to doing jobs try and learn new skills as getting people in is so expensive and adds so much to the costs of jobs!

Obviously I went for gold hardware, changing the tap to gold, and adding in a gold toilet roll holder, towel holder and bin, all from Next. The mirror I found Dunelm which was a bargain! The shelves were a Cox and Cox find, and if you’ve never ordered from Cox and Cox before you can get £20 off your first order here. The light was hard to pick as I wanted something quirky that would stand out. I found a Lipsy one from Next which is sadly out of stock, but this one is very similar.

Anyways guys I guess that is my cloakroom post! I hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into it! If you have any questions then let me know in the comments!

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