4 Products Going Straight ​​back Int​​o My Basket from Beauty Pie

  • For an extra £50 spend allowance when signing up to Beauty Pie use the code: SOPHIEKSENTME

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If you haven’t heard me going on about Beauty Pie then where have you been!? If you don’t know much about Beauty Pie, it’s a monthly subscription service which I explain in this video, as it can be a little confusing at first. In my Everyday May over on YouTube one of my videos was a Beauty Pie unboxing and first impressions, and lots of people wanted to hear what I thought of the products. So I thought I would share the 4 items in that order that I will be reordering pretty quick. The other bits I just haven’t had enough time to use them yet to decide if I love them or not! Just because I don’t show them doesn’t mean I don’t like them!

Plastastic Hand Cream


So I’m a lover of a good hand cream, and I’ve actually kept this one on my desk. One, I love the packaging, and two, it’s a must to have hand cream within reach for when you need a distraction or a moment to procrastinate … shhhh! This hand cream absorbs really well without your hands feeling greasy or oily! I would say the scent is pretty subtle and definitely not over-powering!

Wondercolour Nail Polish In the Colour Aboustley


This nail polish is sooo cheap! I really did have my doubts about it as cheap nail polish usually means it’s going to be s***. Are you ready for a spoiler alert…!? Well, this polish is AMAZING! I haven’t stopped wearing it since it arrived. Yes I love gel polish but let’s be honest we can’t afford to have that done every month! The colour I picked was Aboustley and it reminds me of satin slipper by CND… *goes and googles to check… nope sorry satin slipper is a Farrow and Ball colour… I meant satin pyjamas!* Sorry, this decorating business is going to my head a bit! Anyways all in all I’m going to be buying lots of colours of this nail polish as it’s a great find!

Plantastic Apricot Butter Cleansing Balm


I’m a big fan of cleansing balms, I find they are the best way to get your makeup off and to cleanse your face. I love the Emma Hardie and Eve Lom ones but then again they’ve got a bigger price tag than this one, which is just £10.73 so you definitely can’t complain! I don’t love the smell of it but tbh for the price, I definitely can’t complain.

Uber Curl Drama Mascara


I needed a new mascara so I thought I would give the Beauty Pie one ago for £3.78. Again I had my doubts but I actually really love it! It’s easy to apply and I love the shape of the wand! It stays in place all day and it doesn’t smudge around your eyes! It’s a winner for me!

Anyways guys, if you fancy signing up to Beauty Pie you can enter SOPHIEKSENTME at checkout for an extra £50 spend allowence when signing up!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Just a heads-up, I’m a paying subscriber and nothing has been gifted to me for this post! If you use the code then I do get earn a little bit from it! Also if you are a member already let me know what your favorite products are, I’m always wondering what to try next!

I will catch you on Sunday for a new YouTube video, it’s a Topshop haul!

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