The New Bag in my Capsule Wardrobe this Summer!

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Okay, so I’m pretty sure summer is here again… anyone living it Britain will know how mad our seasons are, one day it feels like winter the next summer! Anyways I’m braving it and adding a few summer pieces to my capsule wardrobe!

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The handbag I’m adding in is actually currently a bargain from Topshop, and it’s not another basket bag don’t worry, it’s actually a rope bag! last year I loved Anna Edit’s rope bucket bag but it was way too small for my liking so I decided to wait till I found a better-sized one. I like to be a Mary Poppins and be prepped at all times, you know in case of emergency times that never happen yet you carry everything just in case!

This rope bag is in the sale for £15 and for me it’s a perfect size! I love the fact it comes in an inner bag to keep all your bits and bobs safe, no worrying that you’ll leave a trail of items falling out your bag wherever you go! It’s such a go-to handbag and it goes with pretty much everything, you could dress it up for smart casual with a pair of jeans and heels.

So my question… will rope style bags replace basket bags this summer? Or will we love them both as much!? I know atm my rope bag is getting more wear but I still love my basket bags!

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