Arthur One Year On…

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Can you believe that this time last year I was on my way to collect little Arthur… and who knew how much he would change my life! I remember the build-up of choosing him so well, wondering how on earth I’d handle a puppy in our new home! Within hours of collecting him I knew I’d love him forever and that I’d never want anything bad to happen to him!

With all the jobs and things to remember when getting a dog I remember one of the most important things was to make sure they had amazing dog insurance… and I asked everyone I knew with a dog for advice! It turns out I didn’t have to worry because the answer was clear… pretty much everyone recommended Petplan Pet Insurance!

I’ve wanted a Miniature Dachshund for years. I remember once Michael and I wrote a massive letter to our landlord trying to persuade him to let us have one… but guess what, his answer was a massive no ? So the wait was on until we had saved enough to buy a house, pretty much just so we could welcome a dog into our family, I’m not joking! As soon we had a move date I was on the hunt to find a breeder *yes I don’t wait around* Everyone thought I was mad reserving a puppy just before moving into my first home… and even madder that I’d be collecting him just 1 week after the move! They say moving house is one of the most stressful things ever… hrmmm, nope not for me, I knew our house wouldn’t feel complete without a dog!

Picking Arthur was the most exciting and memorable thing. We knew we wanted to call him Arthur before we’d even found him as Michael and I both loved the name. We also knew we wanted a red/tan boy! I found a breeder with only one tan boy available so we knew we had to go see him quick!

Visiting him with all his puppy brothers and sisters was so incredibly cute. I fell in love with him the minute the tiny boy ran up to me! It was so hard not to buy two and we actually regret not buying Arthur a brother… but *watch this space*.

So a week after I moved into my new home it was time to collect Arthur. The house was full of boxes but the kitchen-diner was prepped, puppy-proof and ready. The crate, bed and bowls all new and set up! It was time to put down the books and close all the website tabs that I’d been using to try to desperately prepare… because the time had come!

Arthur was amazing from the get-go. Luckily he wasn’t much of a destructive chewer and was actually pretty quick to house train. I think I got lucky there because I’ve heard stories of how much they can destroy things and take ages to house train!

I couldn’t imagine my life without Arthur now. He’s such a character and everyone jokes that he takes after me… he’s not a morning person, when we take him to a city centre he always trying to go in all the shops, and he loves company and socialising! The breed are really affectionate and playful and are great around kids. They also have a surprisingly loud bark for their size!

It’s so interesting learning about different breeds and their different characters. Petplan have got some really cool information about the most popular dog breeds on a timeline!

I work from home and sometimes it can get lonely, so it’s great having Arthur to keep me company. He’s always sat behind me and most of the day we share a single chair… we’re never far apart, we basically come as a pair! One of our favourite things is getting out of the house and going for a nice country walk. He’s actually my best friend — ? don’t tell Michael!

This is a sponsored post with PetPlan. As always, I only work with brands that I love and that are a natural fit for my blog. I’ve been a paying Petplan customer since we got Arthur and I fully trust them. When this collaboration popped up in my inbox it was the perfect fit for me, and I was so happy to share my little story and tell you a bit about Petplan! Please see my disclaimer for more information!

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