Home Edit: The Bedroom Plans

The bedroom plans have been on my mind for a while and I’ve had a clear idea of how I wanted the bedroom to feel: relaxing but stylish and maybe a bit hotel chic. I found some wallpaper way before moving in that I fell in love, and my mum said “Sophie you’ll change your mind by the time you come to doing it” haha… sorry mum but this occasion you were wrong!

The wallpaper is pretty bold but for some reason I really love it!! It kinda sums up all the colours in our home which I feel ties it all in together! It will only be on one wall, and while I’m not a fan of feature walls personally, I think that having this all over would just make me feel sick and dizzy!!!

After moving in we knew we would need build-in wardrobes… but man why doesn’t anyone warn you how expensive they are!? We have always been lucky to get away with having Ikea wardrobes! We had Sharps and Hammonds around to quote us but tbh I wish I hadn’t wasted my time with Sharps they were more expensive and the service wasn’t as good as Hammonds by far! Maybe I will explain more about that on another post if you would find that useful, let me know!?

Anyways after a LONG wait and saving up for them they are actually being fitted tomorrow YAY — we haven’t had wardrobes in over a year… can you imagine how exicited we must be!?

Picking the wall colour was a lot harder than I thought it would be! I went to the paint shop with my wallpaper sample and wardrobe sample and spent ages looking at different colours… I narrowed it down to 3 colours: F&B Setting Plaster (which is going somewhere else in the house keep your eye open for that!), and then two Little Greene colours which FYI is my favourite paint and is 100% worth the extra money. Don’t waste time colour matching it’s the quality that counts as well! The two colours are Portland Stone and Hammock. In the end we went for Hammock as I liked the pink undertone in it. When I was painting and it was still wet I was really worried and kinda regretted my decision — but lesson learnt, never judge a colour till it’s dry! I’m so happy with how it comes out, its a very calming colour! Don’t worry Portland stone isn’t a total write off as I’m considering it for my study!

Anyways I will be vlogging the bedroom process over on my YouTube channel and the vlog will be live on Sunday if you want some updates! I’ll also share finished photos over on here too!

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