Summer Beauty Favourites

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Anyone else just really struggle with make up in the heat!? I do so much, but these are my current favourite items that can handle the heat!


Let’s start with SPF. It’s so important, I used to use one within my moisturiser, which I still do on less sunny days, but I feel on really sunny days full-face SPF 50 is where it is! I recently noticed pigmentation on my forehead and it was a bit of a wake-up call on how important it is to protect our skin! Don’t just go for SPF 15 in your foundation, it’s not enough! I love the Ultrasun one as it absorbs nice and easily and it’s quite thick. There is nothing worse than a watery SPF! I picked up the anti-ageing one as I’m not getting any younger, and also it’s anti-pigmentation!

Foundation wise I have been reaching for my Rimmel lasting radiance. It’s a good everyday foundation and has always been my favourite high street foundation — it’s such good value for money! I set the base with the Laura Meircer setting powder which is my go-to setting powder. I’ve had it ages now and it seems to be never-ending which I guess is good! Once this one runs out I‘m going to replace it with the new ‘glow’ one!

For Bronzer I use my Marc Jacobs ones, which if you’re not new around here you will know it’s my go-to!! I wear this one on my face everyday day, it doesn’t make you look orange and it’s not shimmery, it’s just the perfect bronzer to give you a nice healthy glow!


I always start with a primer, and surprise surprise it’s the Urban Decay one which has lasted me forever. I just don’t see the point of having two or more on the go at once, so once this one is finished I PROMISE I will change it up a bit!! Next I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow in Caramel. I love the colour and the staying power is great!! For lashes there is a something NEW, yes I did just say NEW… it’s the Beauty Pie Mascara… I love it!! Also if you haven’t seen my Beauty Pie video I would check it out, I explain how Beauty Pie works as it’s rather confusing! For brows I use my trusty old rimmel brow pencil that I always go to, it’s quick and easy to use plus the colour is an amazing match!


I have been reaching for the Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Matte Lipstick in the shade Bring It, which is a nice pink shade, perfect for the summer! I love a good pink lip in summer then a nice red in winter!

These are my summer favourites and I would love to hear yours!

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