The Home Edit: Learning to Be Brave with Colour

I have decided there will be a series of home posts over on here along with some room tours over on my YouTube channel! Since making this house a home I’ve made some pretty bold brave decisions, I guess you could say it started when I fell in love with a BRIGHT blue velvet Loaf sofa I saw in a shop window! I ordered it straight away, chucking a mustard/yellow throw and some white spotty velvet cushions… all the colours and texture! I’m still 100% learning, some things just fall into place and I 100% know they will work, but other things are tricker!

After hours of searching Pinterest I made a few wall colour decisions for the house… I decided I should be confident when picking colour and go for all over rather than a feature wall as I find feature walls a little bit dated, but don’t get me wrong, I have a feature wall in our bedroom for the wallpaper just because the print is a bit crazy and I think if I wallpaper the whole room I would spend my whole life feeling a bit sick and dizzy!!

If you find a colour you love then you won’t make a mistake painting all over. Every time I walk into the painted rooms of the house I know 100% that I picked the right colours. Go for colours you really LOVE and spend ages looking on Pinterest of different rooms painted in the colours! I paint on a big sheets of paper and stick them up all over the room to get a real feel and vibe for them in different areas and lights!

When I went for Hague Blue in my snug (living room) and everyone said oh gosh it’s going to look so small… tbh when Mum and I started painting it we both were like ‘oh s***’ what are we doing?! My mum has got a good background with interior design so I knew deep down we would be fine! I was amazed by how much bigger the room actually looked once we had finished even though it’s a small room. I’m so glad we just went with the flow and went with Hague Blue! I’m now on the hunt to replace the Navy Armchair with a Loaf comfy velvet chair… shhhh let’s keep that quiet from Mr Michael!

Photo by Sian Photography 

I’ve recently painted my downstairs cloakroom Little Greene Scree which I LOVE, and Little Greene paint is definitely one of the best on the market and is such good quality! My cloakroom is small with no window and I thought gosh Mr Michael’s going to hate it as it’s such a small room but yet again makes it look bigger, it’s crazy how all-over dark colours can make area’s feel larger!

Let me know if you enjoy these interiors posts, and if you do there will be more as I flipping love interiors — don’t worry, I’m already planning the next room!!

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