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Wow, how are we already in November? Not only in November but halfway through it too, and I feel like there’s a lot to update you on! Back in August I headed to London for a job interview, and I was offered the job! Two months later I went on the training for it, which I have just finished, and that’s why things were quiet over here!

When I say job, this isn’t a nine ’till five job… it’s a freelance job where I can work from home and have flexible hours. So now the training is out the way I can focus more on my blog and content side of things! I have to say I’m really looking forward to getting back into blogging… I still haven’t decided if I want to come back to YouTube as I’m really enjoying IGTV, so who knows!?

Are people still reading blogs!? I got to a stage where I wasn’t sure what content to create, my emails were pretty empty and no opportunities came my way, so I kinda just gave up which is so bad! I find this time of year hard, dark evenings, colds, easy to feel under the weather and tired! However, I’ve been thinking about my blog and how I must start posting again!

So what type of posts would you like to see here?! I would LOVE it if you could comment below let me know! Reading comments from you really makes my day! I know how easy it is to read a post then just click off… I do it ALL THE TIME… but I must start commenting more as I think as a creator it can really make it feel like the post has been appreciated.

I can’t wait to get back to blogging more regularly!

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  1. I got like this, but heading into this new year I’ve suddenly got a buzz for it again and investing time in my blog is going to be a focus for me. I love reading blogs still ❤️

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