Favourite Products of 2019

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Ohhh hey… it’s been a while! Can you believe we’re in 2020!?! I took a slightly longer break off this year than expected! I thought I would come back and chat about some of my favourite products of the last year, as well as a whole skincare range which is just ACE!!!

Shall we start with my absolute fav!? The Japanfushion range by Beauty Pie! It’s literally my favourite the cleanser and I’m already on my second tube of it. It’s the first time I’ve found a range which keeps the spots at bay at that time of the month 🙌🏻 It leaves my skin glowing plus the packaging looks pretty in the bathroom! The other product I always use is the Beautypie Uber Curl Drama Mascara, it’s brilliant and it’s £3.83 for members. FOR AN EXTRA £50 SPEND ALLOWANCE WHEN SIGNING UP TO BEAUTY PIE USE THE CODE: SOPHIEKSENTME 

Moving onto Glossier, throughout 2019 I have used a number of their products as I love the brand and have been a long-time user! This year they opened a new pop up store in Covent Garden it was pretty funky! I obviously couldn’t leave empty-handed so I left with Milky Oil which I use daily to take off all my eye makeup.

Reusable cotton pads… if want to end the day feeling like you’re doing your bit for the planet, you really need to change over to reusable cotton pads. Why waste money buying cotton pads when you can buy reusable ones and wash them!? Not only is it better for your spending but you’re always reducing your waste on the planet! WIN WIN!

The £2.49 lipstick which is actually really nice! I picked this lipstick up when I was in the middle of town, I had forgotten my lipstick and I really need to top it up! I’m guessing we all have those moments, so I went for the cheapest option, which reminded me of my teenage days where my whole makeup collection was natural collection. I went for a red and it’s a really lovely shade and really good quality for the price, I was so shocked!

Finishing off with the It Cosmetic CC cream… I love this for my base as it leaves a lovely natural finish to your skin and it’s super long-lasting! Oh, and I couldn’t finish the post without mentioning my most used product, which sadly is missing from the photos… it’s got to be the Colab dry shampoo! I go through a bottle a month and I buy it in bulk from boots as I just can’t be without it! It’s the only dry shampoo that doesn’t make my hair feel worse. I use it every other day on my no hair wash day!

That’s my 2019 beauty favourites! I would love to know which products you love! – let me know in the comments below!

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