Bathroom Planning

Okay, so as I write this we are under two weeks away from our bathroom renovation! Eeeekkk I’m super excited especially as the tiles and furniture have started arriving!

When we bought this house we knew we wanted to make our bathroom more useable rather than always using the ensuite, as the main bathroom doesn’t have a shower over the bath! Secretly I was pretty happy we happened to be ‘too late for the builders to add it as an extra’ as the bathrooms in this house completely weren’t my style… grey and white just has nothing individual about them!

We made some final decisions and some pretty bold ones too, but I wanted to keep the colours in theme with the rest of the house as we have lots of blue and pink tones!

So we’ve gone for a blue bath panel and sink unit, and for the floor tiles I went for pink lily pad tiles from Ca’ Pietra. Yesss they were pretty pricey but I’ve been pinning these on Pinterest since the day I saw them! It would probably be more sensible to go for the blue floor tiles but I couldn’t find the right sink unit, so we had the change up our plans! As we are going for such bold floor tiles we are keeping the wall tiles really nice and simple and going for white tiles, but going trendy with a herringbone style… although it’s costing us an extra £200 for the tiler to do it this style! I keep saying to myself that it will be worth it!

We will keep the skylight blind white too to keep thing simple, and I can’t wait to order it as it’s so cold sometimes in our bathroom with no blind!

I thought I should really document the renovation, so I’ve taken some before images and I’ve also decided I will film it over on my YouTube channel as I know I will regret it if I don’t!

We will also have the shelf at the end of the bath levelled off as there’s no need for it to be so high. And we’ll have storage under the sink to free up our existing storage unit which I will give to a new home!

I’m so excited for this bathroom to have some personality and to put my stamp on it to make it feel more us — so it’s a happy place to come and relax!

I will be sharing the final images once it’s finished, so make sure you keep an eye over on my Instagram!

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