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I wanted to do a post on here with a list of ways we can support local businesses, which are going to be hit hard because of COVID-19! Also, I’ll be sharing some good stuff that’s out there on the internet which I’ve seen (as I don’t want to clog up my Instagram stories sharing too many!). I go on Instagram as an escape from the news, so I don’t want to be sharing too much about it all on there incase others do the same.

I’ve also been finding that reading a book and a hot bath is good way to turn off from it all, and decorating the house! I’m not sure what I’m going to do once the house is all finished!

Today definitely isn’t my normal post, but I wanted to share some local business which need our help more than ever right now. It’s made me realise how much I want to support these businesses like butchers and restaurants even more after all of this. Why should we just use them in times of need when we should be supporting them all year round!

Restaurants in general are easier to support all year round, so that’s why we need to get them through this by supporting them with their take out menus!

*Please remember to follow companies on social media to keep up to date on any changes*

I’ve noticed that Cheese+ who usually deliver to restaurants have opened their doors to the public to help, as the supermarkets are struggling to cope with the demand. Even Ocado, Milk+More and Gousto have all stopped taking on new customers right now, so if you’re local to Papworth this one may be a little gem! Also Kale and Damson are doing home delivery or collection from Bohemia in St Neots.

The Gog Farm Shop is currently open and the cafe is take-out only!

The Old Bridge Hotel has closed, but their wine shop is open, which also sells amazing chocolate, plus their house wine is very reasonable and so GOOD! Also free biscotti with every wine bought!

Bould Brothers is currently open and doing take away coffee, but obviously they are extremely worried about the future. They do the best coffee around, and you can buy a coffee for future date to support them now via this link.

Neal Young Wines are open and doing delivery.

Here’s a list of restaurants which are no longer open but are doing take away:

  • Steak and Honour are using their vans to move around to different communities. Check their Instagram here for dates and places.
  • Shelford Deli Hot artisan pizzas to takeaway. Also salads, soups, drinks, cheese, coffee, pasta, sauces and other shop goodies are available!
  • Chi Next Wednesday we had an event being held here but sadly it’s cancelled. I was SO looking forward to trying this place out after Pina had raved about it! They are on deliveroo too.
  • Provenace Kitchen they are offering take away. They sell pantry cupboard items too!
  • Bohemia are offering take away and have teamed up with Kale and Damson for collection of fresh goods.

Moving away from food, Small and Green Plants, Cambridge are taking orders via email and have delivery or you can collect.

For families who have children at home, Jo Wicks (who is such a lovely guy, I was lucky enough to meet him last year!) is doing a daily workout on Youtube at 9am! Thats’ one less lesson you need to worry about. Also he has been going live on Instagram to keep the nation fit during hard times. I’m waiting to start his plan too, but waiting for this to virus to finish so I can stick to the plan better!

I hope this blog post is helpful, and if you are a local business and I’ve missed you out then feel free to pop me an email or DM on Instagram.

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