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Shadow Switch Review

I’d never heard of Shadow Switch until I was sent one the other week, but I soon realised how useful it is. Let’s be honest, how many of us really clean our brushes regularly? I know I’m the worst when it comes to cleaning them. Luckily I now have no excuse not to keep my eye shadow brushes clean!

Getting Ready for Autumn

It’s that time of year to start bracing yourself for the colder weather. Autumn isn’t my favourite season, however I really do look forward to those lovely autumn walks and seeing the beautiful trees change colour before they’re stripped bare for winter. I also get excited that winter’s on its way — I’m not a fan of the darker mornings and evenings but I am a fan of listening to the cold rain while being all snuggled up in the warmth inside with a nice candle and a warm drink.

Brush Works Review

When I saw the size of these brushes I was excited that I finally had some brushes that would fit into a small makeup bag — great for when you’re on-the-move! It’s something that had been missing from my collection.

The Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning with M&S and Macmillan

I recently had an email pop into my inbox letting me know about the coffee morning that M&S are holding in their Cambridge store. Sadly I couldn’t make the date, however I was already planning to attend my friend’s coffee morning that managed to raise £120, which was amazing as it wasn’t a large event. Everything helps when it comes to donations, and it’s definitely made me think about planning one next year. Come on, coffee and cake and all the money goes to Macmillan… there’s not really an excuse why you wouldn’t want to hold one!!