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Let’s Talk Media Kits

So today I thought I’d write a post all about media kits. Some of you may be thinking “WTF is a media kit!?”, and others maybe “I really need to do one but I just keep putting it off!”. Well, don’t worry, because they’re actually easier than you think. If you’re wondering what a media kit is, it’s basically a CV for your blog!

The Wardrobe Edit: Making the Most of the Last Bit of Summer

Right now I’m hanging on to every little bit of summer we still have left! I’m dreading those darker mornings and evenings! I recently bought this top and shoes in the Topshop sale in the hope that I’d get a chance to wear them before we saw the last little bit of summer slip away! Unfortunately living in England we have very mixed weather — one day could be really hot and the next day it could be snowing!! I’m pretty sure we had a day a few weeks ago where we had all four seasons! No joke, we had sun, rain, hail and even snow for a few minutes!

Finally… an Eye Cream That Works!

If you read Sunday’s blog post you’ll know about my recent Kiehl’s discoveries. I decided this eye cream deserves its own special review as I’ve been searching for a decent eye cream for so many years, and now I’ve finally found one!!

Kiehl’s: My New Skin Care Routine

A few months ago Kiehl’s hosted a Twitter chat that I took part in. I love seeing brands getting involved in Twitter chats with bloggers as it lets me learn so much about the brand. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions and see what questions others are asking and seeing the responses! After the chat Kiehl’s kindly offered to send me a few products to review. I was super excited as it’s a brand I’ve been wanting to try for a while, and the products definitely didn’t disappoint!

9 Blogger Tips on Getting Started

I’d been thinking of starting my blog for a long time but I’d always decided against it because of my worries about being dyslexic, not knowing much about photography and not having a clue where to start with it all! The idea for this blog really started to take form just after Christmas when I left my old job and went from working 5 days a week down to 3 days a week. Although I loved my job, I really wanted two days a week where I could work on a project of my own that I’m passionate about.