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The Horsebox

On Saturday morning after my run I really fancied a toastie. I’d heard that The Horsebox has been doing the St Neots farmer’s market for a few weeks so I decided to head over to St Neots to try them…

Lemon Drizzle Loaf

I spent yesterday with my sister and we thought it would be nice and sunny as it’s the 2nd of June… this definitely wasn’t the case so we didn’t feel like spending too much time outside. Even with the rubbish weather we ended up having such a fun day.

May Favourites

Wow, how is it June already!? I’ve really enjoyed May and I’ve bought quite a few new beauty products to try this month. Some I really love and have made it into my monthly favourites, and others I’m still deciding on! I hope you enjoy my favourites for this month!

My Weekend Makeup Look

I’ve decided it’s time to expand my beauty section so I thought I’d share with you my current weekend makeup look. I’m using a mix of affordable high-street products and a few of my more expensive favourites. I’m also experimenting with a few brands that I’ve recently discovered.

Little Acre Kitchen, St Ives

I was super excited when I heard Lizzie and Dom were opening the Little Acre Kitchen in St Ives! With Lizzie being so successful with her beautiful events company and Dom being an amazing chef with his food business, this…

Spring Smoothie Recipe

I’ve recently been enjoying blueberry smoothies and I wanted to share a quick recipe with you guys! I always used to use water in my smoothies, but since I started running I’ve noticed they just aren’t filling me up enough.…

My Linda McCartney Vegetarian Challenge

Last week I was challenged by Linda McCartney Foods to go vegetarian for National Vegetarian Week, with their help! Linda McCartney Foods are celebrating their 25th anniversary this year which is really quite incredible. I’m not a vegetarian and I’ve never bought any of their foods before, but I thought it would be really fun to do the challenge and try out what it would really be like being a vegetarian… and to find out if I could actually make it a week without eating meat! I’m sure I have readers who are vegetarian, or at least trying to cut back on meat like we all should be doing, so I gratefully accepted the challenge!

Catesby’s, Cambridge

When the #CambMeetUp group invited me to the Catesby’s event I put it in the diary straight away! I’ve always loved their shop; my mum used to bring home items from them when it used to be in Wells, Norfolk.…

Grand Designs Live

So a couple of weeks ago I had something rather exciting through my letter box, rather than the usual bills or catalogs! It turns out I’d been sent some Grand Designs Live tickets by Smeg as I won a competition they ran. I love Grand Designs so I was so excited to attend the event for the 1st time!

Beards & Daisies

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably know by now that I LOVE flowers. I did some work experience in a florist when I was younger and that was the beginning of my love and appreciation for flowers. Since moving into my own place I can’t resist having various flowers around my home.

Sticks’n’Sushi, Cambridge

When the invite came through for the Sticks’n’Sushi preview event I was excited to try out a brand new restaurant in Cambridge, but I was also a little apprehensive because I don’t like sushi and don’t eat raw fish! I knew M would enjoy the sushi side of things so my challenge was whether I could go and enjoy the place without eating sushi… and the answer is a huge YES!! I know there will be readers like me who don’t like sushi so I’m so happy to show you my wonderful experience with this new restaurant.

Gousto Meal 2 Review

I’m welcoming Michael to write a bit about this meal as it was his turn to cook tonight. We thought we’d both make sure to cook one Gousto meal each to see what it’s like before we commit to a…