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April Favourites

This is my favourite scent at the moment. The fact we had snow and sleet last week just made need something to remind me it’s actually spring and not winter! This scent did an amazing job at keeping me smiling and it has such a lovely positive smell (although aren’t all there scents just amazing!?). Let me know if you have any of the Jo Malone fragrances and what your favourite is!

Gousto Meal 1 Review

So it’s time to cook the first meal from my Gousto box, a creamy mushroom stroganoff. Let’s see how I get on as I’m so bad at following recipes! The great thing that’s on my side is that everything is pre-measured and ready to go, so that will help things a lot!

Gousto Box Review

I’ve recently been awful at organising my meals and food shopping. I don’t usually enjoy going food shopping so I’ve been doing it online for a while, and since I started blogging I’ve been less and less organised with my food shop! I love cooking and experimenting with new recipes but that requires buying lots of ingredients, and I really hate waste! I hate seeing food go to waste if it’s not been used up… perhaps it’s because when I was a child if I didn’t eat all my dinner I was reminded about the people in this world who struggle to get access to food.

Friday Fitness Week 6

Today’s run was made up of a 5 minute warm-up walk, 5 minutes of running, 3 minutes of walking, 8 minutes of running, another 3 minutes of walking, 5 minutes of running, and then a final 5 minute warm-down walk. Phew! I definitely prefer the previous 20 minutes of solid running as I managed to pace myself better rather than keep running and stopping

My 3 Top Cleansers

I was always one of those girls who never thought there was a problem just using cleansing wipes. I’d think why spend loads on expensive cleansers if I can get away with a high street brand of cleansing wipes!? However I began to realise my skin was getting worse and thought it was about time I start looking after my face! I’m only going to have one chance at this and if I don’t look after it properly now I’ll regret it when I’m older!

Bill’s, Peterborough

Last week I headed to Peterborough to get my hands on some of the gorgeous Ivy Park sportswear that Beyoncé has done for Topshop. It happened to be lunchtime and I was starving so I decided to head to Bill’s. There are quite a few dotted around the country and I’ve been to the Cambridge one before but never the Peterborough restaurant.

Backstage Live

I haven’t been to Queensgate Shopping Centre in years, so when I received an email offering me to blog about the upcoming Backstage Live event I was rather excited!

Friday Fitness Week 4

I didn’t think we’d ever get to go for this run… everything was going wrong! I had an early start to pick up my mum from the airport and M managed to go the wrong way TWICE, sending us heading back towards home the second time! It’s not like we weren’t in a hurry after the plane landed 30 minutes early as well!! Then on the way home M’s car broke down which meant we had to wait for someone to get us oil, which turned out to not even be the problem! I ended up getting a lift home while M waited for the AA. This meant the run was push back even further and I ended up at home cleaning the house. Eventually he came back and we got out for the run, which turned out to be fun and really relaxed me after the many frustrations of the day.

Spring Cleaning!

Some of you may think this is a really boring post, but hey, it’s Spring and it’s the time a lot of people do some good old cleaning! I thought that writing this post might make it easier for some of you by letting you know about some of the great products I’ve come across.